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biking the bland
Never Dull or Boring

Advertising Overview

Dear Business and Community Associations,

Biking the Bland was created for fun and not for profit. However, fun, and goodwill only goes so far in covering the bills! Cyclists are great people, and they love supporting country business and spending money in the local community. They want to know about your business and what you are offering them when they visit.

Try before you pay anything. Sign up and pay nothing for 90 days.

For a donation of $60.00, your business can create a unique Biking the Bland special that's valid for 12 months, promoted on this unique website and the Biking the Bland Facebook Page. Non-for-Profit Community Groups are free. Donations are always welcome, if you can afford it.

The website has been optimized for mobile phones and designed for riders to easily access your business and contact you directly without the fuss and bother of searching to find you. In fact, just how accessible and easy to find are you, for first time visitors? Are you only relying on passing traffic? Cyclists like to plan well in advance and know where they will be staying, eating, and purchasing everything required for their Biking the Bland adventure. Cyclist's love sharing their experience with other cyclists, and they will spread the word near and far of your offering.

We have built it and they will come! Help us make it a great experience for the riders and also a showcase of our wonderful part of the world.

Special Offer Ad

By registering your business you will be able to create a "Special Offer Ad". In addition to your listing on the special offer page, your Ad will also be listed on a track page that includes your town. This will help people see your "Special Offer", potential customers are able to call, visit your website, or get direction via Google Maps.

Your "Special Offer" can be changed at anytime by you. All you need to do is login and change it as required, for example; you may do a "Summer special offer" and then change it to a "Winter special offer", all at no extra cost.


Thank you for your support.

Simon & Greg

Sample Ad

Headline for your special offer maximum of 70 characters .............

This is where you type your ad information. The maximum characters allowed will be limited to 450. Phasellus vestibulum iaculis dapibus. In hendrerit lacus sed nunc mattis pulvinar. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec a ligula pellentesque, vulputate diam vitae, convallis mi. In scelerisque urna id eros placerat, rutrum feugiat lacus porta. Nulla tellu sapien, laoreet sed malesuada non, dictum.